Knowledge Manager

Washington, D.C.



–  Work with a team to build a knowledge management strategyfrom the ground up.

– Build, evolve, and maintain a repository of research onbest practices, gathering information from a variety of external stakeholders including industry

and government.

– Train and educate user, including senior leaders, how to manage relevant knowledge using tools such as SharePoint to create relevant procedures.

– Ensure easy access to best practices and promote sharing of information and innovation across a wide range of stakeholders.

– Support the design and development of SharePoint portal to enable information sharing and networking.

– Assess knowledge management tools and technologies and recommend best options for knowledge management.


– Experience with content management including collecting,documenting, analyzing, and implementing stakeholder software requirements.

– Experience with design and manage content, customization,forms, and custom workflow in SharePoint platform.

– Deep understanding of all out-of-the-box SharePoint features & configurations and have experience with assisting business groups to organize their
SharePoint site content